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IRS Penalty Abatement


NCS Tax Resolution Services can help you to eliminate or reduce your tax penalties.


What you are up against -

  • The IRS can assess a wide variety of tax penalties – as many as 148 different types.
  • For example, in 2011, the IRS issued almost $31,000,000,000.00 (that’s 31 Billion Dollars) in penalties!
  • These penalties are in addition to whatever tax you might owe.
  • These penalties might be assessed even if you owe no taxes.
  • The IRS is known as the “World’s Greatest Collection Agency”!!!


What you can do -

  • If you are a taxpayer that has been hit with IRS penalties, there is hope.
  • The best thing you can do is to request that the IRS abate your penalties.
  • Penalties can be abated – that is, they can be completely forgiven (eliminated) or partially forgiven (reduced).  In some cases, where abatement has been requested, the IRS has forgiven 100% of the penalty.  In fact, for 2011, about one-third of all penalties related to employment, individual and business income taxes were abated.
  • However, the IRS requires that you have a good reason to request penalty abatement.
  • What qualifies as a good reason?  It depends on the circumstances involved with your particular situation.  The IRS procedures for deciding who qualifies for penalty abatement and for what reason are complicated and will be different in each case.
  • You could study up on the tax law and the IRS regulations; present the circumstances surrounding your situation to some unknown and unforgiving IRS person; and, deal with the IRS by yourself.  That could be a waste of your valuable time and, in the long run, prove counter-productive.
  • On the other hand, you could let NCS Tax Resolution Services represent you.   With our knowledge and experience, we may be able to eliminate or reduce your penalties.
  • NCS Tax Resolution Services has been very successful in getting penalties abated for our clients.  In most of these cases, it is all about the process.
  • NCS Tax Resolution Services will discuss your situation with you; review the relevant tax law and regulations; contact the IRS by phone; and, if necessary,  compose a written response to the IRS that will lay out the facts in your case and the law as it relates to those facts.
  • In many cases, the first line of IRS defense, the Audit Division, will “just say no” to any request for abatement; and, the issue will need to go to the Appellate Division.  Most often, when NCS Tax Resolution Services presents a penalty abatement request, it ends up being heard in the Appellate Division and it is settled there in our client’s favor.


Reduce or Eliminate Tax Penalties –

  • Sure, you can do all of this yourself – if you have the time, and the capacity to learn all of the “ins & outs” of the tax law and IRS procedure.
  • Fighting the IRS on your own about penalty issues is a losing proposition.  That is why you need expert help and representation.  You need NCS Tax Resolution Services.  We are highly skilled at navigating the maze of IRS regulations, laws, and protocols; advocating your position, while mediating on your behalf; and, negotiating settlements that end your problems.
  • This is what We do for a living – EVERYDAY.  We have gotten good at it.
  • If you have received a notice from the IRS assessing penalties and interest, then you owe it to yourself to call NCS Tax Resolution Services.

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